A brand refresh to change lives with food

Changing lives is on the menu. Beyond Food is a charity supporting those who have unravelled with kitchen-based programs. We provided a year-long partnership including a purposeful rebrand and website to help them impact more lives.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity



Brand Identity
Beyond Food had a challenge of appealing to donors and beneficiaries to ensure they can maximise their impact. We redesigned their brand identity to bring a fresh and playful look to a serious cause. In their words, “with a pinch of salt and a gentle poke in the ribs” Beyond sticks around to truly get those whose lives have unravelled back on their feet.
Through understanding their audiences, we delivered a suite of messaging that positioned their brand to “use food as a catalyst to transform lives”. We designed inclusive illustrations and imagery so that everyone has a seat at the table. The bold type combined with playful sketches represent the confident personality with an understanding that nothing is perfect.
Website design & development
Their website experience had a lot of audiences in mind, which led to information overload. We took a user-centric approach to design, enabling us to split the information into two key categories - for those in need, and those who can give.
We designed the site with bold layouts and colourful imagery to represent the positivity and joy brought from their experience. The website was developed in Webflow, providing their team fast and easy access to make updates when required.
A key consideration was the mobile experience, ensuring audiences can get information and donate on the go. We delivered an optimised mobile site that is accessible for all, and fast to navigate.
We worked in fast sprints with the charity to develop iterations based on trustee and user feedback. This enabled us to get a first version live and build lower priority content and features later in the roadmap.
Marketing collateral
Lives impacted up to 2024
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