Launching Europe’s fastest-growing tech brand

As Revolut’s partner, we supported their biggest product launch with 12x releases across European markets. With growth comes hiring - we used video to position them as an exciting workplace, capturing their spirit and highlighting their values.





Product Releases
Markets in Europe
Values Films
We supported Revolut in their biggest product launch yet: combining strategy, creative & tech, we showcased the app’s innovative features in a premium video campaign designed to create buzz and build trust. A focus on storytelling distinguished our approach: utilising a unique combination
of human dialogue and visual app overlays. Detailed art direction and animated UI ensured quality and high production value. The result? A digital roll-out to over 30 million users worldwide with an efficient turnaround and best-in-class content.
“Absolutely love it. I definitely saw the Revolut that I know and love.”
Global Head of Comms
Making tech human: we went to the heart of Revolut with a series of films designed to rally the growing company around their core values: Dream Team, Get it Done, Never Settle, Think Deeper & Deliver Wow. This global campaign saw its teams and their relentless spirit take centre-stage,
stepping out of the corporate office and dipping into the different personalities that make up Revolut. Using an energetic visual style our storytelling focused on putting the people first, ultimately bringing about a renewed sense of community and creativity for the tech brand.