A new perspective for business growth

Chief TECH
Chief creative

Born from Google

Our roots are nested in years of experience with global tech brands. We are a connected team of 25 in-house with big enterprise experience and a diverse network of specialist talent.

A vantage point

An independent design-led approach to connecting and scaling your brand, product, and marketing. We deliver fast innovation and best-in-class content to amplify your business.

HQ in London
On air

We make tech human

Quickly understanding your value and translating it into easy to digest solutions that delight users and drive your business goals.

B2B or B2C, really it’s P2P - people to people.

We innovate

Continuously experimenting with the latest creative and tech to ensure we can provide effective and impactful solutions that set

you ahead. We even have an innovation hub called &makers

Strategy workshops
Chief woof - teddy

Marketing & product on-demand

In growth mode, you need to be able to move fast. We form long-term partnerships as a bolt-on hub spanning content, design, development, product, and video - enabling you to focus on the roadmap.

Expertise from
Global brands Global brands
Global brands Global brands
Global brands Global brands

Jordan Richards

CEO & Founder

Award winning entrepreneur, and ex-creative lead at Google, building global scale design, code, and content solutions.

Jeronimas Dargis

Engineering Lead

Front-end specialist with experience across Vue.JS, React and bespoke CMS platforms.

Josh King

Chief Technology Officer

Deep expertise in solution architecture and implementation. Lead projects at Google, Tesla and Vodafone.

Joanna Johnson

Studio & Project Lead

Experience in technology leading design teams with multiple fast-paced creative campaigns for global brands.

Tom Baker

Chief Creative Officer

Creative director and founder of production studio WILD. Tom’s team won eight dolphins, and the Grand Prix at Cannes.

Marta Croce

Digital Design Lead

Over a decade of brand and digital experience with global names like Coca-Cola, UBS, BBC and Vice.

Juliette Otterburn Hall

Strategic Partner

Pioneer in transforming brands with creative and technology, previously CSO at Beamly (MarTech) acquired by Coty.

Andy Henderson

Head of Design

A brand expert, with strong experience in strategy and activation for B2B and technology brands.

Plus 20 in-house experts and a talented network of specialists spanning content, design, development, video & product

We make results.

5 Million Views
Organically on social for “Love is immune”, our viral content during lockdown.
4k Monthly Users
For Layer, our custom-built enterprise marketing website builder for Google.
5 Awards
For Ghost Light, our doc telling the story of the San Tribe in our modern world.
3x Memberships
Following our 3 year content partnership, and supporting a launch in MENA.
5x Leads
In 2x years, with our website services and a digital marketing partnership with Gripped.
$2bn Revenue
In 2023, with our support on 12x product launches across the year.
Following our creative partnership for 4 years across brand, web, and marketing.
$100m Exit
With a 5 year creative & tech partnership. Now working with Smartly (who acquired).
2 Million Views
Across the social content we produced in 2023 for their YouTube channel.


We tell human stories and invest in ideas with big impact. This is our space to experiment, create beautiful things, and build the future.

Love is immune: 5 million views across social. A viral sensation during lockdown

Ghost Light: our multi-award-winning doc telling the story of the San Tribe in our modern world

Layer: A drag-and drop website page builder with the ability to create custom functionality and scalable global systems

Friday: Like Monday but better. Project management tool and digital asset manager for creatives

The Great Norse Run: Documentary about brave runners taking on 12x marathons across Iceland

Elasko: Prototype app and content for a stretch-meets-hiit fitness movement