Bringing magic to YouTube’s sales & marketing

YouTube provides a mirror and window into the UK’s culture with user generated and branded videos. We supported their sales & marketing teams to create engaging content that transforms data into bitesized insights for marketers.





YouTube Lessons for Marketers
How to gain 1bn+ views in a month? What is the future of U.K. shopping? These are just some of the questions Think with Google answered with the help of our design, video production and animation. We went beyond the data to tell a story that landed the key messages while keeping audiences engaged.
With YouTube maturing as the place to watch and search for things (in fact, the second largest search engine in the world), we needed to reflect the diversity and reach of the platform. Our team built snackable visual stories in vertical format for digesting content and insights on the go.
Visual stories - snackable vertical insights
Quality at scale
YouTube is all about one thing - video. So, it was important that the sales materials we created put video at the heart. We created scalable templates for YouTube’s salesforce to create on-brand sponsorship and advertising deals with motion and video integrated from the start. Global styles and an asset library made creation faster, and the experience higher quality.