Creating human stories to simplify AI tech

As’s partner, we build emotionally engaging stories thats simplify their complexity and highlight the success of their AI creative platform.





Case Studies
We leveraged the power of video to capture business transformation stories, producing a stream of case study content with our deep understanding of Smartly’s business. The content amplifies their offering, makes tech human and puts a spotlight on their unique benefits.
With a focus on going beyond the office, we featured different environments and people, while highlighting key features with the help of motion graphics. The result? A series of short videos designed to drive business results, from sales pitches, to events, their website, and on social media.
Marketing Content
Maximising value
From one story we are able to generate a content stack that includes short-form social, website case studies and articles, presentation slides, and branded assets. All content is with a goal of building trust using social proof, and detailing the benefits of their market-leading platform.
Event Filming & Content
“Thank you all for your commitment and enthusiasm. I’m truly amazed by how skilled you all are!”
Charelle Uhlenbeck
Customer Success Lead