Reimagining an innovative video platform

We partnered with Simplestream to establish their video platform as leaders in the streaming space. Together we built a confident new brand and a website designed for scale, in line with their vision: simple solutions for complex problems.


Brand Strategy

Video & Animation

Brand Identity

Sales Materials


Brand identity & assets
Powerful, clean, confident: the rebranding we envisioned for Simplestream helped the platform stand out. We combined a bold, bespoke logotype with playful objects, motion details and a vibrant colour palette for a memorable look. We ensured that their mature and market-leading solution was reflected in the new visual identity.
Branding a company with many products requires careful consideration of the platform’s identity. That's why we created a product design system (including icons for each module) and provided design principles that could be applied consistently from brand to product.
Sales & marketing collateral
Leading with simplicity
Simplestream’s philosophy and brand were at the heart of our entire process. We looked for simple, modular and elegant solutions fit for a sophisticated leader — always evolving, constantly streamlining.
Webflow website design & development
Their website got a full rebuild designed with scalability in mind. A fast-evolving platform like theirs needs flexibility, so we made sure their site could grow as fast as their product. Our solution? A sleek design matched with a scalable component library.
We created templates spanning landing pages, case studies, sectors, services, and resources. This enabled the in-house marketing team to create SEO-rich content driving an increase in organic traffic and time on site, in turn, raising conversions from the website.
Website design & development