Generating impact with a bold health campaign

We created an innovative campaign to position Santen as a crucial agent in the battle to prevent Glaucoma, raising awareness & prompting action for serious eye diseases.



Studio interviews
Using innovation to spark emotion: with “Your Vision is Your World” we wanted to show people what it actually feels like to experience the effects of Glaucoma. So we came out with a bold creative solution: a bespoke physical screen with blurred spots designed to accurately show the world through the lens of Glaucoma. Location was key: placed on top of a hill, our screen
blurred the panoramic view, provoking an emotional reaction from the walkers and prompting reflection. Going from micro to macro shots, the film uses plenty of details and textures to highlight everything that gets lost with Glaucoma. As it’s being rolled out nation-wide, this campaign will play a key role in promoting discussion and stressing the role of prevention.
On location film
“I wanted to say a HUGE thank you. Even knowing it was a strong concept, to have had such a strong emotional reaction from the contributors was a surprise. Everyone thought long and hard about the impact of glaucoma which is of course the whole objective.”
Sian Boisseau
Director, Corporate communications at Santen