A surprising campaign to support the victims of Grenfell

We created a specially commissioned film which was boldly projected onto the Houses of Parliament to directly speak to MP’s and generate huge reach and awareness. The projection featured four stories of people imprisoned behind cladding, highlighting their ever-increasing sense of feeling trapped.





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“It is time for change. It is time for justice. It is time for the Government to give this crisis the attention it deserves.”
The Houses of Parliament
Years after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the building safety crisis still affects millions of UK residents still waiting for solutions to a problem they didn’t create. We jumped at the occasion to give these people a voice through a series of films to raise awareness of their ongoing plight. We used compelling first person storytelling to capture their message with an experimental approach built to generate impact.
The projection, in partnership with activist production house, Projections on Walls, was shined onto the very building where Prime Ministers and Ministers have failed to protect people, despite being given numerous opportunities to do so since the tragic events at Grenfell Tower. It garnered a lot of media attention, from ITV news to Good Morning Britain and social media, shining a light on this story and the people behind it.