An interactive experience to discover new music

Keakie is an app that enables people to discover new music like never before. We supported them in expanding reach to new audiences with an interactive marketing site that brings their app to life.


Website Design


React Development

Keakie puts design at the heart of their experiences. We worked closely with their in-house design team to realise their brand vision through a bold website style, using design components that capture attention and enhance content.
The website focuses on audience-specific pages that target key personas with the unique value of Keakie. From listeners, to artists, and advertisers, we covered the core benefits with a simplified message.
The website uses scroll interactions to enhance visuals with motion across devices. We featured large typography and app screens with illustrations in their signature monotone style, to capture their brand personality across all content.
A key requirement was to develop the experience in React with Next.js to align with their product infrastructure. We built interactions in Framer to create an efficient moving experience that works seamlessly across devices.